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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai Episode 403 View Full Episode

Hello Friends! Welcome to EnjoyModApk here you can find Mod Apk, Tv Serials, News And Blogging Post so please support us and then we will provide a unique content for you Thanks. Basically in this post you can watch  Ek Hazaaron Main Meri Behana Hai episode 403.In this episode you will see.Beeji blows up with Sweety for giving her dress to Lakshmi. Then, Maanvi and Viraat propose Jeevika to eat with Viren in the workplace.Riya welcomes Viren for lunch, which he acknowledges. The two stall out in the lodging storeroom. If you need more episode please contact us thorugh email and to get our new update daily so Follow Us by email

दुनिया का सब से लम्बे सींगों वाला बैल | Bull With Largest Horns | Sab Se Lambey Seengon Wala Bail Is Key Seengon Ki Lambae 10 Feet Aur 7.4 Inches Hai Aur Ye Barhtee Rahey Gi..........

The head of the family was fond of seeing other big horned cows and bulls that somehow brought a large horned animal to their house and thus brought Poonchu to the farm at the age of six months. The bull belonged to a breed that had large horns.

However, a few days later another large horned bull called 'Mo' was brought into the house and between them the long horns began to compete. But surprisingly, Poncho Via's horns grew very slowly, but not surprisingly, they did not curl but remained straight. From April to May this year, the length of its horns has increased by half an inch.

Alabama: The Guinness Book of World Records has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records in one of America's most rural villages. The six-year-old bull is named Ponchoya and is currently on a farm in Goodwater, a small village. From one end to the other, its horns are about 10 feet 7.4 inches in size, raised by a peasant family known as the Pope Family.

Alabama: The Guinness Book of World Records has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records in one of America's most rural villages. Bull owners say the animal is very intelligent and takes care of its horns and obstacles while roaming. Even when passing through dense bushes, he senses potential obstacles and takes care of the edges of his horns while walking despite the weight gain. She will be seven years old in October this year and according to experts, her horns will continue to grow but her growth will stop in the latter part of the age.

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Sumandar Mein Utarta Hoon Tou Aankhen Bheeg Jaati Hain
Teri Aankhon Ko Parhta Hoon Tou Aankhen Bheeg Jaati Hain

Tummhara Naam Likhney Ki Ijaazat Cheehin Gayi Jab Se
Koi Bhi Lafz Likhta Hoon Tou Aankhen Bheeg Jaati Hain

Teri Yaadon Ki Khushbu Khirkiyon Mein Raqs Karti hay
Tere Gham Mein Sulagta Hoon Tou Aankhen Bheeg Jaati Hain

Main Haans Key Jheel Leta Hon Judae Ki Sabhi Rasmein
Gale Jab Uss K Lagta Hoon Tou Aankhen Bheeg Jaati Hain

Na Janey Ho Giya Hon Iss Qadar Hasas Main Kab Se
Kisi Se Baat Karta Hoon Tou Aankhen Bheeg Jaati Hain

Wo Sub Guzre Hue Lamhat Mujh Ko YaadAate Hain
Tumhare Khat Jo Parhta Hoon Tou Aankhen Bheeg Jaati Hain

Main Saara Din Bahot Masroof Rehta Hoon MagarJunhi
Qadam Choukhat Pe Rakhta Hoon Tou aankhen Bheeg Jaati Hain

Bare Logon K Oonche Badnuma Aur Sard Mahlon Ko
Ghareeb Aankhon Se Takta Hoon Tou Aankhen Bheeg Jaati Hain

Tere Kooche Se Ab Mera Ta’alluq Wajbi Sa Hay
Magar Jab Bhi Guzarta Hoon Tou Aankhen Bheeg Jaati Hain

Hazaron Mausamon Ki Hukmarani Hay Mere Dil Per
Wasi Main Jab Bhi Hansta Hoon Tou Aankhen Bheeg Jaati Hain

Ap is key zariy apni videos main URDU NASTALEEQ Ka Font Dall Saktey Hain,Salam Aj ki is video main apko bataon ga keh ahm apney mobile main urdu nastleeq ka font kesy use ker saktey hain AGAR AP AIK YOUTUBER HAIN TO apko videos craet kerni parti hon geen aur agr ap k pas pc ya laptop nahi hai to ham us main urdu ka acha sa font nahi dall saktey aj k is method main ham ye seekhain gey key kinemaster main ham urdu nastleeq kafont kesy add ker saktey hain is key liy apko kiya kerna kiya ho ga,


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Number One. Apk Editor Old Version

Number Two.) Rar File Manager
Number Three.) Urdu Font

First of all apko ye teenon cheezain apney mobile main instal ker leni hain natlab in ko download ker lena hai.
اب آپ اپنے موبائل کے فائل مینیجر کو کھول لیجنے
اس کے بعد اپ اس فولڈر میں جائیں جہاں اپنے فونٹ کو ڈونلوڈ کیا ہے
پھر اپ اس کے اپر دبانے رکھیں
  اور سوۓ کر دو extarct کے اپر کلک کرو اس کے بعد پھر 

Also Read: How To change Whatsapp Home screen Background Use Your Own Photo

اس کے بعد  اے  پی کے ایڈیٹر میں  جاؤ اور پھر دوسرے نمبر پی کلک کرو 
Open KineMaster
Click on simple edit
Go to assets
Here you can find many files with end of .ttf
These are fonts click on pencile icon and go to the file which you want to replace remember only .ttf files are supported
Now click on save
Open kinemaster click on empty project
Chose background and click on layer and then click on text and write some text in urdu
Then go to fonts
Select your font which you want to added in kinemaster

Now See This its working
For full support see the video above

In This Artical I Will Show You How To change Whatsapp Home screen Background In Very Easy Way So Read The Artical Till End.You Must want To Watch This Post To Larn How To CHANGE Whatsapp Home Screen Background.To Change Whatsapp Home Screen Backgroud you will need to install another ap which name is Yowhatsapp.

Before downloading you will need to do one thing if you have an importenet data on your previous whatsapp app then backup it first.

How to backup.?

Open your whatsapp and click on three dots and then go to settings

In settings you will see chat button click on it

Go to chat button now you will see chat backup click on it

After clicking it now you will see Green button with backup name click on it now your backup is started one more thing for backup you will have to need an Gmail account

Now unistall your previous whatsapp

Now DoWnload YoWhatsapp From Download Button

After downloading install the app and open it now enter your number and put you OTP from sms then click on next here he will ask from you will you restore you backup data now click on restore and wait untill your data is backuped and then enter your name and click on next here you will find your chats


How to change home screen background.

Open YoWhatsapp and click on three dots and then click on YoMods.

In YoMods you will see 1.universal click on it.

In 1.Universal you will find 1.1 colors click on it.
In 1.1 Colors you will see 1.1.2 Backgrounds then click on it.
In 1.1.2 Background you will find another settings Find the Photo button click on it and
chose your photo which you want to add in homscreen background.and then adjust the photo sine by draging and click on set

Now you can see
If you want to change Chat wallpaper then click on three dots go to settings and here you will see chat click on it in chat you will find wallpapers

Click on wallpaper and go to Gallery And chose photo
After choosing photo adjust it size and click on set
Now You Can See The Result
This is how you can change whatsapp homescreen background and chat wallpaper so i hope you enjoyed with this trick and now you can impress your friends by this method.If you have any problem you can watch full video above the post.
Feel Free To Contact Me

How cluster bombs are made? Learn its history |  کلسٹر بم کیسے ہوتے ہیں؟ جانیے اس کی تاریخ

  • Lahore: (Web Desk) After India's attack on cluster bombs by India's cluster bombs, everyone is wondering if this cluster bomb is a bomb. Let's know who called the cluster bomb and what its history is.

  • A cluster bomb can hold up to 2000 thousand small bombs. The use of cluster bombs began in the 1940s and the civilian population paid for deadly ammunition and killed thousands of people in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

  • Convention on Cluster Emissions was approved in Dublin, Germany on May 3, 2008, following regional meetings in Lima, Vienna, Wellington and various continents for this purpose. More than 100 countries attended the conference, while the International Red Cross welcomed the historic convention.

  • The German city of Dublin has a ban on the manufacture, storage, transfer and use of cluster bombs under the Convention adopted in 2008 and more than 100 countries have signed the Convention. Cluster bombs are the type of bombs that contain small and small bombs, and other small bombs that cause the use of these bombs cause huge damage to the area.

  • The International Red Cross repeatedly expressed concern over the immense loss of innocent lives and appealed to the UN in 2000 to stop the atrocities and hold talks. About 7 years later, Norway launched efforts to stop the use of cluster bombs and was named Oslo Process. The purpose of the effort was to make a global agreement to stop the manufacture, transfer and use of deadly weapons.

Technology News | Smartphone device ready to diagnose plant diseases | پودوں کی بیماریاں جانچنے کیلئے سمارٹ فون آلہ تیار

New York: (Web Desk) Scientists have developed a number of apps and devices to identify human diseases through smart phones, but now a device has been developed that provides information on plant pathology and treatment.

Experts say leaf gases indicate they are healthy or sick. Farmers can detect plant disease by detecting gaseous fluctuations. For this purpose, the plant is closed for a few minutes by placing the plant's address in the test tube and the exhaust gas is sent through the pump to a small vial where the sensor and reader are mounted. This sensor detects the VOC in the gas of that address and has a large database behind it that can identify the disease.

According to the report, experts have used chemicals from small holes in the leaves of plants, which help plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, while also releasing organic compounds or chemicals. Plant health and illness information is hidden.

Further research will allow the smartphone camera to predict the disease by assessing plant color and leaf stains. This approach will be extremely beneficial in areas that are far away from cities and where access to agricultural experts is not easily accessible. Smartphone plant data can also be sent to the laboratories through the internet to get accurate information about plant diseases.


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